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Which gas fire and boiler to get installed for your resident in the area of West Bromwich

At swiftgasplumbingandheating, a lot of our customers have been asking about which gas fire flue type and which boilers are recommended for their homes in the area of West Bromwich. In the post, we will cover all the aspects of it so that the confusion among many people get more clear.

It all depends on the type of house you might have, your home might have a brick chimney, flue box and a liner, inglenook and just flat wall. For a different type of fixtures, different sort of options are available for gas fire. The main question that needs to be asked do you need to install gas fire for existing, or you need some new fixtures to be installed in order to support the gas fire. Here is detailed information which sort of gas fire would be suitable for your house. Some people prefer to use gas, and some want to use electricity, in this post we have simplified among these two options, making it easier for our customers in deciding what they want. If still confused, you can book with us, and we can do a free inspection of your property.

NO Chimeny in the property

Nowadays most houses are built without a chimney, the main reason is that it saves a lot of money on the cost of construction. If your home has no chimney, we are offering 4 types of gas fire installation in west Bromwich.

  • Flueless gas fires
  • Balanced flue gas fires
  • Power flue gas fires
  • Bioethanol fireplace

Properties with chimney

If your property has a pre-installed chimney, then there are few types of gas fire flue you could get installed in the are of west Bromwich

  • Class 1 flue
  • Prefabricated flues
  • Pre-cast flue
  • Power flue
  • Balanced flue