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Gas Fire Installation and Repair

Gas Fire Installation West Bromwich

Fireplaces have been in use since prehistoric times but, at present, they are primarily used as a decorative statement in homes. Ideally installed in the living rooms, fireplaces significantly add to the beauty. Moreover, with great designs and fireplace types, getting one for your home is very easy. However, our expert Gas Fire Installation in West Bromwich is an essential part. Our team will conduct surveys and advocate the best type suitable for your premises. This undertaking assures that you’re not invalidating your home insurance by violating the building regulations.

The following are the types we install and repair on demand.

Inserts: Inserts are specialized units to replace the old wood fireplace. The dual piping allows combustion as well as to convey the produced gases out of the premises. They are straightforward to replace given your house has an existing fireplace setup.

Build-ins: Build-in fireplaces have the same appeal as a real fireplace but, they don’t require a chimney duct preinstalled. All you need is to create a hole perpendicular to the exterior wall to install a blower system that provides the air and gas flow.

Regular: Regular fireplace or free-standing stove is the easiest to install type available. It’s an enclosed independent unit with an exhaust pipe on top. The exit line is passed through the walls, and you’re done.